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New track release by Kahani: Hello

Seeking a quick turnaround, we edited, reproduced, mastered, and packaged “Hello” for distribution across all major platforms and numerous radio streams to maximize exposure in all markets.

Khurram x Sessions Vol 2 - Sound Engineering

ThoughtsForNow x Popshift - Freestyle

When he’s not traversing the world sharing the stage with legend A.R. Rahman, ThoughtsForNow is still quite the busy artist. So when he brought us one of his famous freestyles and sought a short notice promo video for a collaboration with Popshift, we matched his freestyle with one of our own.

On Your Mind (Part II)

Tasked with writing, producing, and directing an original music video from merely concepts and themes, our team flew out to the Virgin Islands to fulfill our clients wishes. From casting the rising phenom Divyanka Gupta of Hankaar Dance, to sourcing costumes from famed designer Harleen Kaur to manning a drone, and so much more, our team mastered nothing short of artistic alchemy for this nominated music film.

Jaloos Holiday Campaign 2018

Let loose with Jaloos. This was our theme for Jaloos’ holiday campaign. With a sweater that reads, “Ho Ho Ho Gya Sharabi” we couldn’t help but opt for a fun and mischievous holiday feel. From hands on work of casting diverse models, photography, and b-roll, to PR, copywriting, and strategy, we proudly facilitated a sellout for the Jaloos team.

Bhangra Theory - Nice For What

When it came to our first dance video with Bhangra Theory, the ask was simple; a video that kept the focus on the dancers and their movements. Our team booked a studio, choreographed careful camera movement, and simply let the team shine. For added effect we cut some playful b-roll into the end of the edit for an inviting touch.

On Your Mind (Part I)